Aloha and E Komo Mai

More than a shirt

What we choose to put on says a lot about ourselves.  It sends out a message to those we come in contact with about who we are and what we believe.  Do we take the time to thoughtfully consider how we are presenting ourselves?   Even if we don't mindfully consider our clothing choices it does have an impact on how other's respond to us.

Living in Las Vegas I have noticed that whenever I or my family wears a shirt or brand that has a connection to Hawaii or represents Hawaii in some way, we attract other people from Hawaii to us.  We get a lot of shakas, "Sup Hawaiian!", and the "I am from Hawaii too", just to name a few.  It's a great conversation started and has lead to us creating new friendships with island connections.  

How often do we consider what the brands we support or purchase from stands for?  Are they more than just another cool shirt?  

We at Blessings and Favor LLC firmly believe that our brand should stand for something and not just be another cool looking shirt.  Each and every design we create is thoughtfully and prayerfully made.  We actively pray for each and every one of our customers and followers.  Praying that their lives are continually covered in Blessings and Favor, that their lives are filled with Positivity and Love, that the Aloha Spirit be prevelant in every area of their life.  We pray that no matter how far away from the islands life may take us that we will always have a strong connection to Hawaii, that we will preserve our culture and embody the Aloha Spirit.

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